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Copper peptide facial mask

Occlusive facial mask with a high concentration of GHK-Cu copper peptides and B vitamins, to promote collagen production. Improved substrate quality. To be used after dermarolling (parts of) the face with any needle length. Improves signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines. Can also be used if you don't use a dermaroller. The absorption will be less but because of its high strength it will still do the face a lot of good. Also recommended after rolling pigmentation spots and acne scars. Protects renewing skin from free radical damage and supplies provenly beneficial copper peptides to the regenerating skin. Can be used with any length dermaroller.

How to combine copper peptides into your skin treatment schedule.

40 ml liquid in a facial mask, to be put on the face and left on for ten minutes.  Please note that this is not a cream - it is an occusive mask made of an absorbing layer drenched in a "cosmeceutical" lotion, with an occlusive plastic layer complete with holes for eyes, nose and mouth.

These are the real copper peptides, not the fake "second generation copper peptides" that are not copper peptides at all.

This improved formulation has less fragrance and is of thicker consistency.

Carbomer (Carboxypolymethylene) 10 %
TEA (Triethanol amine) 0.1 %
Hyaluronic Acid 0.3 %
GHK-Cu 0.1 % (1000 ppm)
Nano Platinum 0.1 %
Centella Extract 2 %
Yam Extract 2 %
Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl tripeptide-3) 2 %
Vitamin B3 0.2 %
Vitamin B5 0.3 %
1,3 Butylene Glycol 5 %
Propylene Glycol 3 %
Propyl paraben 0.1 %
Tween 20 0.1 %
Fragrance 0.01 %

The rest is deionized water.