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Hyaluronic acid gliding serum 10 ml

10 ml gliding serum for the Derminator®, to make the cartridges slide over the skin easier and to protect and soothe the skin. Highly recommended for Derminator users but can also be used with manual dermaneedling as a protective hydrating serum immediately after rolling/stamping. Contains a very high percentage of Hyaluronic acid (10 x the strength of our 30 ml Copper peptide / Hyaluronic acid serum), which immediately hydrates the needled skin. Molecular weight of the Hyaluronic acid chains: 1,000,000~1,800,000 Da. Sufficient for several treatments. Includes a silicone rubber applicator with cap.

Storage and expiry:


- 10 years in the freezer.
- 3 years past the expiry date in the fridge.
- Until the expiry date outside the fridge.


- 1 year in the fridge past the expiry date, when stored in a ziplock bag or wrapped in clingwrap or aluminum foil.
- 6 months in the fridge past the expiry date, when stored without special precautions.
- 1 month outside the fridge.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid 10%, Rhododendron extract 2%, Seaweed extract 1%, Glycerol 0.2%, 87.8% distilled water.

Below is a video on how to open the capsule (be careful not to rip the metal tab off prematurely or you'll need a knife to cut away the rest of the metal):