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Why buy from us?


When we forget an item or when it's faulty, we will send you TWO replacements (except for the Derminator device)

Derminator machines however have a lifetime warranty.


We are real experts and we're ethical.

There are many sites that sell dermarollers or C60 in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), but the great majority are operated by companies that merely want to get rich as fast as they can and have limited knowledge or care about what they do. Instead, they are primarily in the money-making business and many sell a fake, low-quality or adulterated product (yes we have evidence for that). They make false claims about how their products cure diseases as well. Compare their expertise with ours by looking at how many customer questions they answer on their site, and how thoroughly. You'll find that there are no sites like ours. On our dermarolling forum, we answer literally thousands of customer questions publicly and in-depth, backed up by quoting scientific publications from peer-reviewed journals, so that you can verify that we are not making things up. We designed the first electronic dermaneedling device that needles to the advertised depth without microtearing, the Derminator. Look how much detailed information we provide on our C60-olive oil product on c60antiaging.com and how we don't claim all kinds of miracles about that product, compared to competitors.

We are the largest dermaneedling store.

We currently have over half a million dollars of merchandise in stock. We have by far the widest selection of dermaneedling products available and we never advertize something that isn't in stock. We invented our own dermaneedling device that we manufacture in our own lab in Europe. No cheap Chinese crap in our store. We do have some quality products made in China, from manufacturers selected-over-the-years that produce according to our quality requirements. Our dermarollers and copper peptide serum as well as the suction pump are made in Taiwan, which is decades ahead of mainland China in terms of quality. Our C60 olive oil is mixed in Sweden, using Greek oil and our Derminator is made in the Czech Republic. Our Lufenuron is synthesized especially for us in Spain and is certified by Exova as being EU veterinary quality, for which the safety requirements are identical to human quality.

We can be trusted.

Our customers value our advice and trust us so much, that they put photos of their faces on our forum with the skin blemishes they like to improve. It took us years to build up that trust. And it's not just our advice that can be relied upon. We guarantee that your order will arrive, and we guarantee that everything you ordered will be to your satisfaction. If not, we will refund you and you can keep the merchandise. Your satisfaction is our guarantee for a sustained business, because we do not advertise and rely solely on word of mouth.

We don't sell expensive rubbish - our products work.

No voodoo potions in our store, that's why we sell relatively few products. Our advice and products are not based on Eastern philosophies or esotheric beliefs, but we sell clinically proven vitamins, not some cheap-to-produce but expensive-to-buy "serum" that supposedly performs miracles but you'd have to believe the vendor on their word because there are no solid scientific studies to back it up. The profit margin on our pharmaceutical vitamin products purchased in EU pharmacies is very much smaller than that of questionable mixtures with that our competitors prefer to sell.

We guarantee delivery for tracked and untracked packages, or a full refund.

We guarantee delivery, even though US customers, in case of USPS delays that happen often in the first months of the year, will have to wait until the delays should be resolved, based on what other European vendors report and our own experiences with a delay situation.

Free shipping to nearly all addresses, worldwide.

Nearly all of our shipping is free. Very few purchases incur a $7 (or equivalent) shipping fee - only smaller purchases that are considered at greater risk of disappearing mail, based on our experience.

We never ask you to pay shipping on returns.

In the rare case we can't handle a product warranty issue via photos by email and we really need to see the faulty product, we will pay for return shipping.