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According to EU law, we have to charge EU VAT to delivery addresses in the EU because our dispatch centers are in the EU (Czech Republic).

Every person (who is not a VAT-registered company) who purchases anything inside a EU country or something that gets delivered to a EU country pays VAT. Normally, VAT is included in the price. Some people don't understand that everyone always pays VAT and think we should not charge VAT, but that is incorrect. Not charging VAT would get us in prison rather quickly for severe tax fraud. All EU companies will charge you VAT (or their CEO will go to prison) and even many other companies started to charge VAT as well on behalf of EU countries. If they don't, your Customs authorities will charge you VAT. So unless you're a VAT-registered EU company, you always pay VAT.

Because we sell to private individuals as well as companies and also to countries without VAT, our store displays the VAT separately.

We charge the VAT percentage (21%) of the country our dispatch centers are in, not the VAT percentage of the destination country, because EU VAT legislation says we should do so, when the annual transaction volume per EU destination country remains below certain limits, which in our case applies.

We pay all VAT we charge our EU customers to the Czech tax authorities, who pays it to the tax authority in your country. You will be issued a VAT invoice with our EU VAT number, and you will be able to make a VAT-free purchase when you provide your VAT number to us in the checkout form. Any EU person (not a business with a VAT number) purchasing anything anywhere in the EU, in a physical store or online shop always pays VAT. The only difference in our store is that we do not display our prices inclusive of VAT because most of our customers are outside the EU but also because it is not known to our store during shopping what the shipping country will be. The inc. VAT amount is displayed as soon as the store knows your shipping address is in the EU.

Our VAT number is CZ683083192 and can be validated here:


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