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1. We only advertise what we have in stock.


2. Under normal circumstances, we ship the next working day.
When the COVID epidemic in our country is at a serious level, we ship once a week.


3. Orders can be canceled only if we have not shipped them already.

We charge a $2 cancellation fee on your next order, since that is the fee we're charged by our payment processor when we give a refund.

4. We refund or re-ship orders that arrive back to us.

If you want it re-shipped, we'll charge you our cost of re-shipping on your next order, but not if you were not to blame for the shipment returning. When the post office sent it back to us due to "Insufficient address" for example and you provided the correct address, you are not to blame. When you did not follow the tracking links and it returned to us after weeks at your local post office, you are to blame. If you want a refund, we'll do a full refund if you were not to blame for the shipment returning. If you ignored tracking updates then we'll refund you, minus our cost of shipping.

5. We pay for any return shipping.

We always try to do remote troubeshooting and in the rare case that we'd like to diagnose a problem with the Derminator device, we will refund your cost of shipping.

6. We guarantee delivery for all shipments, tracked, registered or not.

We trust our customers on their word when they say an untracked shipment has not arrived.

7. We do not guarantee delivery to a 3rd party, however.

It is against our Terms to ship to any other address than your own permanent registered residential address or PO box. Using any place of employment, student accomodation, holiday accomodation, a hotel, mail forwarder (also a friend or family), store or any other address that isn't an apartment or house where you yourself normally live is a severe violation of these Terms and if we notice this before shipping, we will cancel, refund and not accept further orders from you. The reason is that in our experience, when a 3rd party has access to mail, the likelihood of it not arriving, even when sent tracked, is an order of magnitude greater. After shipping, if an untracked shipment to a 3rd party does not arrive and you demand a refund and you're in a country that allows chargebacks, we'll refund you and publicly blacklist you for criminal extortion. If you're in a country that does not permit chargebacks, we will in most cases refuse you the refund. When a tracked shipment is listed as "delivered", refunds are at our discretion. If you live with roommates for example then we won't refund.

8. All our merchandise has a lifetime warranty on factory defects.

This means that when for ex. the Derminator device has a malfunctioning display or mains switch, 15 years after purchase, we'll still send you a new machine.


9. We compensate for missing, damaged and faulty merchandise.

The customer can decide whether they shall receive a refund or a store credit. In case of a store credit, we also cover the cost of shipping and their VAT and import tax. When both parties agree, we can also send a replacement directly.

10. Our prices depend on the USD exchange rate.

Our prices are based on the USD and prices displayed in other currencies in our store fluctuate with their exchange rates to the US dollar. The reason is that our largest market is the US (so we receive USD), but, more importantly, all our major suppliers accept only USD. This means that we run a wholly USD-based business and, in order to maintain a fixed profit margin, we have to calculate our sales prices in USD.

11. No warranty on packaging materials.

We accept no liability for damaged packaging (damaged on arrival or damaged by the customer). Specifically, when the plastic tube the dermarolling instruments are packaged in is damaged during opening it or if its lid does not close anymore. This type of packaging is useful and functional but is not intended to be fully intact or hermetically re-closable after opening. The tubes our instruments come in are to be considered "sturdy packaging" and not part of the actual product.

12. Order combining

We will try to combine orders when you ask us to (we also try to do it when you don't ask us), but we do not refund for postage, since postage is based mainly on weight and the combined order is often sent tracked due to its value, and tracking is more expensive and paid by us. Also, combining orders involves more care as it is a deviation from the normal routine, as well as the extra work involved in communication with the customer. In some cases, when the cost of shipping would be much less in a combined order, we refund the difference.

13. Mail transit time of the order

We guarantee that we dispatch orders within three working days of the order, except under unusual circumstances such as the COVID pandemic, where we ship weekly. Also mail transit times during such exceptional circumstances can be extremely long, when people do not travel internationally and mail travels by passenger airplanes/trains. US customers should take into account that due to various factors beyond our control, US mail processing delays in the cold months of the year may take up to three months. USPS in that case will misrepresent the tracking status as "Origin Post Preparing Shipment", as is explained in our Shipping section. Under normal circumstances, customers outside the US should receive their order in around three weeks, usually much sooner. Exceptions are Canada, whose Customs can cause three-month delays and Australia, whose postal system can cause six-week delays. Canadian, Australia, New Zealand, UK and US customers place their order in the knowledge about possible three-month delays and explicitly agree they will not file payment disputes during that period. During the COVID pandemic, transit times to all countries are 1 to 2 months, with up to three months common to Canada and Australia.

14. Incomplete or incorrect addresses

When the customer has used the wrong or incomplete shipping address, even when a single character is omitted, added or erroneous, we can not be held liable for a non-delivery in case of an untracked shipment. However such shipments nearly always return to us and then we'll reship or refund. Tracking can be added for $7 to most countries.

15. We will not ship to company addresses when it's not a company order

Since an order by a private individual to their place of employment  usually involves the handover of the shipment to a person other than the addresse, this involves extra risk for us and we will cancel and refund such orders, when the order apparently has not been placed on behalf of the company itself.

16. The addressee agrees to contact their Post office or Postal service in case of transit issue

Before we file an inquiry or grant a refund, the customer agrees to do everything in their power to resolve any delivery issues with their own postal service. When a shipment is shown to be in your local post office for example, you can not expect us to call them from the other side of the planet but we expect you to go there or call them until the issue is resolved. US customers can arrange delivery to a different address with USPS also. And it is their responsibility to keep tracking the shipment and try and resolve the matter before it is sent back to us. In case your mail carrier falsely claims the shipment has been delivered to you, before we refund you, we expect you to ask them to whom they delivered it and to ask your neighbors or housemates whether they received it.

17. Sales tax, import tax

It is impossible for us to know about the percentages of sales tax and import tax, if any, apply to every country we ship to. Canadians, Swiss and Britons for example pay a sales tax on their imports. All import levvies, taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

18. Refunds from us to the customer

The only way we can refund a customer is via the same payment processor that was used for the payment. In exceptional cases, we can use a bank transfer at our discretion. We can also issue a refund in the form of a store credit if the customer agrees. We only refund in case we have legal or, in our opinion ethical liability to do so.


19. Refunds from the customer to us

When we've refunded a customer and their shipment unexpectedly still arrives, the customer should either refuse the shipment (send it back, usually at no charge) or refund us with a bank transfer and pay all fees for both parties. This can cost up to $50 with some banks.

20. No-return policy for any of our products - especially not the Derminator® device - only replacement in case of malfunction

The Derminator® machine is a medical instrument and treatment involves contaminating the instrument with human blood. For this reason, all sales are final and the only policy we have is one of replacement in case a device is provenly faulty. A few customers in the past got buyers' remorse and demanded to return the machine because we "did not explain how to use it properly" or "because it caused me scars" or "because I ordered the wrong plug" but we never refund in such cases and consider a payment dispute in such cases to be fraud and will treat it as such as per our T&C. Customers should get familiar with our instructional materials before buying the device, and agree (by agreeing to our T&C) to take full responsibility for the results of the medical treatment done with the device.


21. We reject 4% of (potential) customers, based on a risk assessment

To avoid customers committing a chargeback or libel or generally causing a nuisance, we reject those at our discretion who:

- Are impolite,
- Violated our T&C,
- Are uncooperative,
- Are passive-aggressive,
- Appear to be distrustful of us,
- Make mistakes in their address,
- Had their shipment disappeared or returned,
- Appear to be a serious risk from their behavior,
- Are not responding to our emails in a timely manner,
- Appear not to have received or read an email of ours,
- Upload a verification document that does not contain what we asked for,
- Do not master English well enough to understand our written instructions,
- Ask too many questions that have already been answered in our materials,
- Disagree with us about the clarity of our guidelines in our written materials,
- Repeatedly insist on warranty but the cause for the malfunction is user error,
- Specified a delivery address that is not their permanent registered official home address. P.O. boxes accepted at our discretion,
- Repeatedly ask for medical advice (questions about how to use our products, what to buy or whether they can be used with X).

22. Public blacklisting in case the customer commits an offense against us (chargeback, defamation, extortion, threats)

The customer permits public blacklisting of all professional and personal details we can obtain, including granting a reproduction license for pictures of themselves, in case the customer in our opinion deliberately and needlessly causes us financial damage or threatens to do so with the aim of coercing us to grant them an advantage. Examples are public defamation or threatening this, theft in the form of payment disputes with their bank or our payment processor and unjust enrichment by refusing to return a given refund for non-delivery and the shipment arrives after all.

We know it's 'controversial' and we are well aware of the 'Streisand effect' but a vengeful threat of 'I'll make sure to warn people about your company!' is considered by us to be an admission to criminal defamation (with intent to cause great financial harm, often aggravated by an admission to Copyright violation) and the result will be a permanent and highly public blacklisting for criminal defamation with private and professional details, including photo of the face on a wide variety of websites, some under our control and some that are not. Because based on our extensive experience, we have to assume that those 'reviews' will be untrue, unless you can point us to their URLs. We'll also reserve the right to sue such people for damages, in case we can document a substantial loss in revenue. We do not have unhappy customers - we take great care to keep all customers satisfied. The only people publishing bad 'reviews' on our company are those that we blacklisted after defrauding or defaming us or whom we rejected as customers.

23. We do not give medical advice and repeatedly asking for it or arguing about it will make us reject the customer

Nearly all questions about how to use our products are legally classified as asking for medical advice, since even though they're merely harmless creams, lotions and serums or safe dermaneedling instruments, in practice, our products are regarded by the Law as medical devices or medicines because the purpose of the product determines whether it is a medical instrument or medicine. Something to improve the skin is by definition a medicine or medical instrument. Since we are not licensed medical doctors with a doctor-patient relationship with our customers, the mere question "Can I use your product X on my hair" is asking us to commit the offense of practicing medicine without a license, which is an imprisonable crime. In the UK, two people were given prison sentences of 18 months on separate occasions, years apart, for selling teeth whiteners. If a court deems us to have given medical advice, they will approve a damage claim, without looking at its merits.

24. Legal disclaimer - limiting of liability



It is the customer's responsibility to safely and properly use our products and inspect them before use. The customer agrees that any adverse results of the use or misuse of any of our products is at the sole risk of the customer and that we will never be held liable pertaining the use of our products. Our user guidelines may have errors and omissions and it is up to the customer to use multiple sources of information. The customer agrees to educate themselves on our products, if possible also through third parties. The customer agrees to inspect our products for flaws prior to every use and agrees not to hold us liable for damage caused by our products. The customer agrees to follow all our guidelines for our products and agrees that not following all of these guidelines constitutes gross negligence. The customer agrees and understands that our guidelines can have errors and omissions. We define "Guidelines" to include our PDFs with instructions, instructions that are enclosed with our products, leaflets included with the order, our sales pages, our store's extended article descriptions, our forum postings, our website's articles and the content of emails and support tickets exchanged with the customer. The customer agrees and understands that self-treatment can involve risk and requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter as well as following the relevant instructions. The customer agrees never to sue us or publicly hold us responsible for damage caused by our products or guidelines. The customer agrees to inspect the products before use and agrees not to use them when faults are discovered. The customer agrees and understands that our guidelines, advice and publications are the personal opinion of laypeople and are not medical advice. The customer understands that self-treatment or treating others is never risk-free and agrees to assume full responsibility for any adverse outcomes.