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C60 Carbon-60 Solvent free, 40 mg in 50 ml olive oil

(Expiry date on photo is not the current expiry date)

40 mg Buckminsterfullerene in 50 ml Cretan extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). SOLVENT-FREE (SEE BELOW FOR PROOF). In unopened state, a bottle's shelf life is unrefrigerated three years, refrigerated four years and in the freezer ten years.


This product is prepared exactly the same way as in the famous incidental rat longevity study where C60-treated rats lived 90% longer and achieved unheard of lifespans of nearly 6 years. C60 is the world's best neutralizer of harmful free radicals and a universal, recyclable-by-the-body antioxidant (able to donate as well as accept multiple electrons without being used up itself). Antioxidant comparabe to 175x that of vit. C, but vit. C gets 'used up" as well as eliminated by the kidneys and is not fat-soluble. So the actual effectiveness to protect cells from degradation of this product is in a completely different class and can not be compared to vit. C or any other substance, as Lipofullerene C60 neutralizes free radicals such as normally lethal doses of hepatotoxins as shown in rat obduction photographs on our site. Vit. C can't neutralize many types of chemicals and free radicals and vit. C can't reach lipid-rich locations in a biological organism.

Based on equivalency allometric dosing calculations extrapolating from rats to average-weight humans, our recommended dose is 1.5 mg/day, which is approx. one full pipette (you should fill half of the pipette, twice). That way, the contents should last approx. 30 days. It is unknown what the optimal dose is for humans. 

After taking it for about a month, according to the rat results you should be able to take a multi-month break with no diminished effect. These bottles are new - they are totally light-tight and the pipettes work better than the previous ones. We also greatly reduced the price of the product, since we now fully automated production.

The seller of the oil is cretanoliveoilfarm.com, Elounda, 72100, Lassithi, East Crete, Greece and they have tours to show the origin of their oil. Olive oil in grocery stores is nearly always fake and is mainly other oil than olive oil, as well as cut with chemically masked rancid oils. Please note that any other oil, such as Avocado oil, sunflower oil or Coconut oil are highly inferior lipids than the EVOO lipid complex used in the rat study and hence, these cheap oils likely will not be able to hold the C60 in the lipid bilayer of the cells and mitochondria as effectively as the hundreds or thousands of different lipid chains found in EVOO. Vendors of these non-olive oil products spread false hype about C60 and sell clinically unproven products. They are in it to jump on a money-making bandwagon and have no idea what they're selling, no understanding of the original study and contempt for their customers, while claiming that their product is the only safe one or super-magical-special.

Note that this product is non-toxic, meaning if you drink an entire bottle, or ten bottles, the same would happen if you'd do that with plain olive oil. Perhaps better not to go into details :-) It is only possible to fill the dropper pipette halfway, so you need to suck the oil up twice. The bottles contain approx 53 ml but we guarantee 50. The bottle should then last 1 approx. month and due to the extremely long tissue half time of the product you can go without for many months, as the famous rat trial showed. It is unknown what the optimal dose is, so exact dosing is not important. We advise to take it with a little food, best with some fat content, to have the bile aid in the emulsification of the compound but you can also take it directly into the mouth. There are no other considerations of full/empty stomach, drinking before/afterwards, no restrictions on other food or medications etc. There are absolutely no interactions with any other substances so this product can be taken in combination with with medicines and any other supplement or food. Do not use the oil to fry with because frying temperatures may alter the lipo-part of this lipofullerene. With a human dose of 4 mg/day every day and taking allometric dosing into account, a person of average weight (70 kg/154 lbs.) will ingest the same qty. C60 as the rats did, adjusted for weight, on average, per day. However, the original LD50 study tried to poison the rats with C60, so it is likely that the longevity effect will be attained at lower dosages as well. Since people will take this every day for years, we advise a 1.5 mg daily dose. The rats were given 24 doses over a period of 7 months and the rats were already in early middle age when they started their first dose. Read more about C60 dosing

Our C60 comes from Solaris Chem in Canada and not from cheap Russian vendors of impure C60, neither from the Chinese-owned-and-operated SES. Be advised that C60 is approximately as expensive as gold, gram-for-gram and the C60 market is rife with fraud. On July 16, 2019 we were told by a major C60 supplier that also offers C60 testing services: "We are seeing very bad materials coming our way. Some are only carbon black with crushed glass to make it appear semi crystalline. Some other are genuinely fake being fairly good C60 mixed with 90%+ carbon black. About 80% of the samples we receive are below the specs, crapy and possibly dangerous to use. It may in the future give a bad reputation to C60 and C60 oil mixes."


This product is prepared exactly the same as the product used in the famous rat longevity study  where "Bucky" rats lived nearly twice as long as the control group. Also the rats fed plain EVOO lived two years shorter than the C60-EVOO rats. C60 is clinically proven to have many beneficial health effects in a variety of organisms. It has powerful tumor prevention effects, brain-rejuvenating effects and cardiovascular health effects as well as extremely dramatic longevity effects in a variety of organisms, including doubling the lifespan of Wistar rats. No other compound has ever been demonstrated to have such a dramatic effect on mammals. Replicating the research on rats would take six years at minimum, with an extra year to get the study written, reviewed and published. For more information on lab-proven, peer-reviewed, published biological effects, see c60antiaging.com.

A note on the characteristic ruby-red color of C60 in oil: This color is hard to discern when looking at oil in the the pipette. In the pipette, the oil looks more brownish. The characteristic ruby red color is only visible when you look at a larger quantity. Pour the content of the bottle into a shot glass and hold it against the light to see the deep red color.

When kept at low temperatures, clouds and lumps will form. This is normal for olive oil - the lipids with a relatively high melting point solidify - and not a sign of decay. Room temperature is recommended for storage after opening, to avoid repeated condensation of moisture into the bottle, which can lead to fungus formation. Long-term storage is best done in the fridge (adding 1 year to the expiry date) or even freezer (adding 5 years to the expiry date).

A note about peppery after-taste confused for rancidity: Chances are that you have never tasted real olive oil, since nearly all EVOO sold is fake. Real olive oil is very spicy and tastes "hot" and has a strong aroma as well. Totally different from nearly all "Extra virgin" oil available, since that oil is nearly always fake. Also see the book "Extra Virginity" by Mueller, where an expert exposes the massive worldwide fraud with fake EVOO. Unless you've personally visited an EVOO producing region and consumed right from the source (usually in unmarked, re-used bottles!), you have never tasted EVOO before. Rest assured that all our bottles are produced on-demand and we can hardly keep up. We do not sell rancid oil, no matter how unfamiliarly strong the taste may be to you! If you still think your oil is rancid, which is categorically impossible, then we will pay you one thousand USD upon showing us a simple, cheap lab test result that your bottle was rancid, preferably using a still sealed bottle.

There have been some rumors, spread by potential competitors that light may adversely affect the product. This claim, without evidence, came from a company who seeks to market their own, of course "better because made totally in the dark" C60 product. However, the glass of our bottles is very thick and DEEP BLACK and filters over 99.9% of light. You will see no light at all shine through, when holding it directly against a bright light. We also mix under complete darkness. Unlike our small competitors who mix in glassware on a magnetic stirrer in a room that often is lighted or has windows, we bound the C60 to the oil in a $30,000 mixer made by US company Mixer Direct:

We are the only professional manufacturer of this product and likely the only manufacturer with the funds and expertise to properly purify, test, mix, centrifuge, filter this product. The total weight of this mixer is 750 lbs. The recirculation vessel is made of stainless steel and the actual mixing vessel (in the black sound-proofed cabinet) is stainless steel as well. Our mixer used infrasound (ordinary slow vibrations of a stainless steel metal plate, basically - ultrasound heats up the oil so we did not want to use that technology) and it's brand new tech called "Audiri" and made by the US company Vibra-Chem. This machine is so effective that mixing takes only two days instead of two weeks - greatly reducing the time that oxygen gets dissolved into the product. We do not fill off the bottles manually but use a foot-pedal operated electric doser. We do not close the bottles manually but use a Kinex Cappers capping machine. Our 5000g centrifuge is shown on our c60antiaging site and processes 4 liters of product at a time - that machine weighs around 300 lbs.

It is not known how C60 greatly extends the life of mammals. Hypotheses vary from extremely effective antioxidant action to DNA-demethylation (which would permanently rejuvenate an individual on the genetic-molecular level). The latter hypothesis fits the observed test results of various Buckminsterfullerene animal trials better than the former, with old mice aquiring the problem-solving power and memory of young mice, and rats nearly doubling their expected lifespan with just two dozen administrations of C60. It has been postulated that Buckminsterfullerene becomes a semi-permanent constituent of the mitochondrial lipid bilayer, where it functions as an extremely effective antioxidant, since it is not used up and keeps getting re-absorbed in the mitochondrial lifecycle. The C60 molecule acts as an "electron reservoir" and can accept or donate multiple electrons and thus neutralize all types of free radicals indefinitely - until it leaves the body. There are indications that it takes weeks for all C60 to leave the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria.

Stay up-to-date on this exciting anti-aging product and read the many articles with supporting scientific studies available at c60antiaging.com.


About short-term effects: Except for true athletes who reported increased strength and stamina as well as reduced recovery times and hence were able to achieve sustained gains, we do not think there will be any short-term beneficial effects for ordinary people. A lot of what is mentioned online about short-term benefits is the Placebo effect, in our opinion. It is completely impossible to note that one ages say 15% slower, neither can one feel that tumors do not appear in the body.