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20 grams of Chloramine-T to make 1 to 4 litres (more than 1 gallon) of disinfecting solution for dermarollers, dermastamps and needles.

Chloramine-T sterilizes, whereas alcohol only disinfects. Alcohols may damage the plastic and glue (to secure the needles with) used in the dermaroller head but Chloramine-T is safe. Read the scientific publication where it says that Chloramine-T sterilizes. Chloramine-T is bactericidal and has antibiotic properties. That is why it is much more effective than alcohol or chlorine.

Milton fluid destroys dermaneedling instruments because it contains free Chlorine. Alcohol with a sufficient Ethanol percentage may be hard to find. Chloramine-T is the cheapest, safest, most effective sterilizing solution.

The cleaning and sterilizing procedure is on page 37 of our general dermaneedling instructions here.

A 0.5% solution can also be used to treat acne overnight with (wet the area and put a plaster over it). Do not use Chloramine-T for general skin disinfection.

When you put the roller in it overnight, a 0.5% solution will do, making Chloramine-T by far the cheapest sterilizing solution for your dermarollers. In addition, Chloramine-T sterilizes faster than alcohol and is active against more pathogens. It is highly effective against all bacteria, viruses, parasites and spores. Chloramine-T is not the same as ordinary Chloramine, because:

Chloramine-T is not primarily a chlorine disinfectant. It only releases max 2.5% chlorine during the active phase in contrast to 100% with chlorine disinfectants.

Although Chloramine-T is a chlorine compound, it attacks the peptide bonding of the proteins when the complete active substance molecule comes into contact with micro-organisms (virus, bacteria, fungus or yeast), in addition to having the effect of conventional chloride disinfectants, which continually split off chlorine.

Chloramine-T is commonly used for wound disinfection, but mainly for the disinfection of materials and surfaces in hospitals.

Use a 2% solution for quick disinfection, and a 1% or 0.5% solution when you leave the dermaroller, dermastamp or single needle in it overnight (8 hours exposure).

A 2% solution is made with 20 grams in 1 litre of water.
A 1% solution is made with 20 grams in 2 litres of water. (or 10 grams in 1 litre, etc.)
A 0.5% solution is made with 20 grams in 4 litres/1 gallon of water. (or 10 grams in 2 litres/half a gallon etc.)

If you want to make 20 times less than a gallon, use 1 gram, etc.

A Chloramine-T solution should be kept in the fridge, where it will keep its potency for one month. Make it a little stronger if you want to keep it longer.

Do not use on the Original Derminator needle cartridges! (It CAN be used on the Derminator 2's cartridges.)

Grams to teaspoons:

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Download MSDS (Belgian customs has asked for it once.)


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