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Derminator magnet (all Derminator versions)

20 mm long, 6 mm diameter Neodymium magnet. N48SH, Nickel-plated with black PTFE ("Teflon") coating to protect the Nickel plating against chipping and moisture and to reduce friction.

Due to the unique design of the machine, when it is operated without needle cartridge present, a magnet will fly out with great speed and can thus get lost. This magnet is a replacement.

These magnets are produced by the same company that manufactures the magnets inside the electromotors in Tesla cars. Few companies are able to supply Teflon-coated Neodymium magnets.

Some of the black Teflon coating will rub off and that is normal. The remainder will still protect the Nickel plating against chipping and corrosion and also reduces friction. These new magnets also are less sensitive to demagnetization so they should last as long as the rest of the machine. We give a lifetime warranty on the machine and also on this magnet. Our previous magnets did not have a Teflon coating over the Nickel plating and that caused about one in 3000 magnets to chip and corrode, causing the magnet to get stuck in the hand unit, necessitating a replacement of the entire machine.