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Derminator magnet (all Derminator versions)

20 mm long, 6 mm diameter Neodymium magnet. N52 strength (size & strength especially produced for us because the strongest grade available online is N48).

Due to the unique design of the machine, when it is operated without needle cartridge present, a magnet will fly out with great speed and can thus get lost. This magnet is a replacement. In very rare cases, the magnet's nickel coating can chip and the underlying Neobidyum could rust, since it attracts moisture from the air. Also, when the machine has been used very extensively in clinics, the magnet will get a little demagnetized and replacing it will give the machine more power to penetrate hard skin with the same superfast speed, avoiding microtearing. This magnetic degradation only happens after many hours of use and the machine is designed to still be within specifications after that happened, but we mention the phenomenon as a possible reason for replacement. We recommend replacing the magnet when the power indicator shows high power used during needling.