9 grams Lufenuron Chitin inhibitor, purity 99.9%

Lufenuron is used as an anthelmintic (anti-parasitic against intestinal worms), antifungal and flea remedy for pets.

Pure generic lufenuron

Read the Exova labs (US) test report (EU-compliant veterinary purity): Link to PDF.

Customers who claim that a bag does not contain at least 9 grams will be asked to provide proof that their scale can measure accurately enough at the lower end of the scale. The cheapest scales that can do that cost at least $100. No digital kitchen scale or letter scale can do that, even though they are claimed to be accurate to 0.1 or 1 gram!

On cheap scales, packages will show random weights from 4 to 10 grams! Packages can appear to contain varying amounts due to them being flattened to a varying degree! We accept absolutely no complaints unless you can prove your scale is accurate to 0.1 grams AT ITS LOW END OF THE SCALE. We fill these bags using an accurate filling method and our own scale costs $1800. We fill significantly MORE than 9 grams. DO NOT ORDER IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE VARIOUS TECHNICAL REASONS WHY CHEAP SCALES CAN'T ACCURATELY MEASURE SMALL WEIGHTS AND WHY MANUFACTURERS MAKE FALSE CLAIMS, NEVERTHELESS.

Although the EU purity requirements for veterinary medicines are identical to EU purity requirements for human medicines, this product is sold for animal use only, specifically for dogs and cats.

Our Lufenuron comes uncapsulated because Lufenuron is not water soluble and can only be absorbed when thoroughly mixed into food that contains fat. Capsulated Lufenuron is very poorly absorbed because it forms a powdery lump in the GI tract that can't dissolve properly. In order to dissolve into the fat in the food and be absorbed during the digestive process, it needs to be finely dispersed into the entire meal.

Measuring off a single dose for a pet for flea-prevention purposes requires an expensive milligram scale (expect to pay at least 200 dollars). We do not assist in calculating dosages.

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