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Why Infadolan is the best choice for dermarolling after care: Infadolan contains vit. A in non-acid form (0.1% Retinyl Acetate) that doesn't irritate the skin when the skin is "open". Infadolan is indicated for the treatment of first degree burns. Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) has been shown to be a potent agonist of the vit. D receptor which stimulates glycosaminoglycan synthesis and transforming growth factor TGF-beta 1, thereby accelerating wound healing. Vit. D2 promotes dermal strength and re-epithelialization as well as enhancing granulation tissue formation. Infadolan contains natural Lanolin - an excellent occlusive. Occluding scars and stretchmarks after rolling postpones peeling and has a beneficial effect on healing. Infadolan is not a cream - it's an occluding ointment and you should only use a very thin layer. Lanolin helps the vit. D enter the skin. Lanolin allergy likely does not exist.

Infadolan's ingredients:

Retinyl acetate: 48 000 IU in 30 g
Vit. D2: 30 000 IU in 100 g
The ointment base is white wax, natural lanoline and white vaseline.

Why we chose this ointment:

Infadolan explained:


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