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Hand pump that can produce 800 mBar underpressure in order to elevate tethered acne scars (the rolling type of acne scars) and depressed, tethered scars. Comes with four differently sized suction cups. Tree round, one oval.


The pump works in a very non-intuitive way:

1. Pull the plunger FULLY out
2. Push the suction cup onto the skin
3. While pushing, also push the plunger FULLY in (so PUSHING creates the vacuum!)
4. As soon as the plunger is moved even a little upwards, the vacuum is released.

Please do not suction too long - experiment with a few seconds only, first.

The pump works TOTALLY differently than a regular pump. This pump is the only one we found to actually work and work very well and have a good selection of cups so we chose it.

Please watch this video:


Also he totally was unable to figure out how it worked, until he finally discovered how to do it around 4:45 and then goes on to explain how to do it. Note how the pump must be **pushed** FULLY down to create the suction.

Should be used after dermastamping or single-needling.

Suctioning skin excessively long can cause temporary hematomas and blisters - so do a test patch first and gradually increase suction time and pressure to see how the skin will react. The study mentioned 12 suctionings of 4 seconds each per treatment - this should not cause any kind of (severe) bruising or blisters. However, the best results are associated with some bruising. See great results after 6 months.

This forum posting explains the suction method.


Spectacular improvement can be achieved, as seen in this forum thread on how to greatly improve acne scars with dermastamping and the suction method. The reason this works so well is due to the greatly increased blood serum perfusion into the needled scars.

acne scars before and after dermaneedling

The pump is not sterily packaged because this is not necessary. You can disinfect the suction cups with alcohol if you worry about infection, but disinfection is not required. The size of the smallest cup is not too large for very small scars, since the scar benefits from having blood pulled into its surroundings. In fact the cup always needs to be quite a bit larger than the scar to be treated, otherwise you need to do several treatments over the entire area.

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