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Vitamin C (20 g / 0.7 oz)

20 grams / 0.7 oz of pure vitamin C powder (L-Ascorbic acid) to be used in a freshly made skin serum as per our dermarolling instructions. Dissolves easily. Can be mixed into creams but does not dissolve into pure oils/fats, it needs the presence of some water to dissolve.

Those instructions can be downloaded here:

Dermarolling instructions

Note that almost all vitamin C available from pharmacies is the "buffered" non-acidic variety, neutralized with for example Sodium bicarbonate. Such buffered, non-acidic vit. C is not suitable for a microneedling skin serum.

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis. This vitamin C is made in Germany and purchased in a pharmacy, so it is excellent for use in salads as well.

Vitamin C skin creams or serums need to be freshly prepared to be effective. "Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic" by Dimitrije E. Panfilov: