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Dermaroller 1.5 mm with a single line of needles.

Specifically for the intensive treatment of stretch marks, long scars (both atrophic and hypertrophic), long wrinkles or skin folds.

A single row of needles enables you to target individual scars or wrinkles and roll them thoroughly and densely.

It is less painful than an ordinary dermaroller because there are fewer needles to penetrate the skin in one go. Nevertheless, the fewer the needles on a dermaroller the deeper they penetrate.

It is less effective than the manual single needle method however it is much quicker and easier.

This roller is not suitable for small scars such as acne scars, vaccination scars, liposuction scars etc. For those, use the single needles or a dermastamp.

The best approach is to use the 1-line roller in combination with a regular dermaroller.

Recommended approach for stretch marks, scars or wrinkles:

Roll the whole area (stretch marks/scars/wrinkles and surrounding skin) once every five weeks with the regular dermaroller and then in addition, treat every stretch mark/scar/wrinkle individually once every five weeks with the one-liner dermaroller (roll densely). If you have a lot of stretch marks/scars/wrinkles and don't have the time to treat them all at once you can spread out the treatments with the one-liner over the five weeks but make sure to roll each individual stretch mark/scar/wrinkle only once with the one-liner roller during this time.

When you have finished this individual rolling of all stretch marks/scars/wrinkles in the area (try to finish it in four weeks), give your skin a week off and then start the whole process over again - rolling the entire area with a regular dermaroller and then rolling densely with the 1-liner dermaroller.

24 needles in total (1 x 24). Gamma-sterilized. The needles are made of surgical steel, 0.25 mm thick at their base, with a long taper.

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