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1.5 mm DERMASTAMP (35 needles)

Dermastamp with 35 needles with a length of 1.5 mm and a base thickness of 0.25 mm. (The area with needles is about the size of a dime.) The needles are made of surgical steel. Gamma-sterilized.

A derma-stamp, in terms of treatment surface area and targeting precicion, falls between the single needle and the dermaroller.

As with rollers or the single needle, “stamping” the skin will make tiny holes that heal very rapidly. The procedure triggers collagen production and remodels scars.

A dermastamp is ideal for larger areas with acne scars or very wide stretchmarks. Accurate treatment of round and irregular scars, much faster than the single needle.

Do not use more than once a month on the same skin area.

The needles of a dermastamp penetrate deeper than equal-length needles of a dermaroller so do a small test patch first to see how your skin will react.

With this model, it is possible to get some discoloration caused by blood staining at the needle base. A good way to clean this up is to take a plant mister and set it to spray a small, tight stream of water. Then spray the stamp while holding it needles-side up.  This cleans it out completely in a matter of seconds.