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We only have a "bad batch" left. They are too thin and bend easily. We initially stopped selling these but some people still want them so they're back. Sold below our own purchase price. We will not have a "good batch" back in stock because this batch cost us 45000 USD and there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will not screw up again. Neither can we find any other reliable manufacturer. Instead, we recommend to use our Derminator with the single needle cartridge.

Ten single needles for extra-targeted skin needling by manual pricking from multiple angles to crush the hardened collagen bundles and trigger new collagen production. Reduced in price because they unfortunately have been produced thinner (they will bend and won't last long or will be even useless) than we specified. Single use only.

Pricking scars (acne scars, stretchmarks, surgical scars) will crush the hardened collagen bundles and trigger new collagen production which will gradually fill in the scar or at least improve its texture and color. Hypertrophic scars will soften (do not use on keloids). Pricking wrinkles repeatedly will fully or partially fill them by triggering new collagen production. These needles are designed by us and because there exist no good alternatives. 0.25 mm diameter, extra long taper. These needles penetrate only 1.8 mm and stop automatically at that point. A good way to treat individual scars and wrinkles intensively by hand. Hold the needle in your hand and prick the scar or wrinkle from all sides.

These needles are made of surgical steel and come sterile in a blister pack. These needles are quite small (much smaller than on their enlarged image) and are thus very easy to use.

The suction method that can be combined with the single needles is described here:


Our customer explaining how to use the single needle:

Here she shows before and after progress (video 1 in a series of 4, open in YouTube):

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