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Derminator digital needling device

We invented the Derminator® and produced it here in Europe. This original version has been superseded by the improved Derminator® 2.

Cartridges for the Derminator 2 can not be used on the original Derminator and vice versa!

We invented the Derminator® 2 and produce it here in Europe. It uniquely has a digitally set, sensor-controlled variable needling depth and its motor is so powerful that the needles are so briefly inside the skin that this machine is the only one in the world that does not cause microtearing. Other machines are Chinese repurposed permanent-makeup devices. Having the needles inside the skin only a small fraction of the time also means there is very little pain. Improvements on the original Derminator® are:

(1) Needle cartridges have a silicone sleeve instead of a metal spring, reducing noise levels, allowing disinfection with Chloramine-T and preventing blood plasma from entering the hand unit.
(2) An additional needling depth setting of 2.5 mm.
(3) The single-needle cartridges do not scratch the skin anymore.
(4) A slightly longer, brighter white, much softer and higher quality hand unit cord.
(5) The availability of 12-needle cartridges.

Cartridges for the original Derminator can not be used on the Derminator 2 and vice versa!

Replacement magnet for the Derminator® and Derminator® 2 machines. For when you lost the original magnet.