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Derminator® digital dermaneedling device. Professional and home use. CE-certified and FCC verified. (Test report, annex A, B and C)
Lifetime warranty. We sell on average thirty machines a day and have sold approx. 30,000 machines to clinics and home users worldwide.

UK PLUGWe do not replace or refund when the wrong plug type is ordered! A $1 plug swap or a $5 travel adapter solves it.

Includes a 1-, 9-, and 12-needle cartridge.

Derminator user manual (only supplied electronically).

General dermaneedling instructions

How to attach the rubber feet

The Derminator device is designed, prototyped, tested and assembled by our company in Europe. It contains a microprocessor and a powerful, super-fast actuator that accellerates so quickly that the needling is nearly painless because the needles are such a short time inside the skin. This extremely short needle-down cycle prevents microtearing. Microtearing (demonstrated in a video below) is a problem with all other devices, regardless of their sales price or claims. Our device uses an unique, patent-pending linear actuator principle.

One of the many other unique features of our machine is that it is digitally set to needle at a certain depth. This has many advantages: Depth adjustment on other devices means using a magnifying glass to read the tiny lettering on a dial or discern a raised depth indication molded into an adapter piece. It's time consuming and cumbersome to depth-adjust those machines, which discourages working with the optimal needling depth at all times. Needling depth is often adjusted based on several factors such as local skin thickness or desired treatment intensity on a local area and making those adjustments on simpler machines is a constant bothersome interruption, discouraging a depth change, leading to sub-optimal treatment. Continuous, sensor-feedback-controlled needling depth means correct, uniform needling, giving superior results compared to manual needling, which often goes too shallow or not uniformly deep.

The machine is suitable to be used in a clinical setting by professionals but it is primarily intended for home use by the educated self-needler.

  • Minimal pain due to very short duty-cycle. The needles are only in the skin for a few milliseconds. It's still not a pleasant feeling but it's much less painful than manual needling, let alone needling with cheap Chinese machines which tear up the skin. We would not call the sensation with longer needling depths "pain" anymore, it's that mild. The price you pay for this very bearable needling experience is a louder machine in comparison to the Chinese-made "buzzers".

  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced bleeding (or no bleeding at all) compared to other electric needling devices at shallower depths, due to no microtearing. At deeper depths, significant bleeding can occur due to the max. 2.25 mm penetration, which other devices advertize but in reality do not achieve. For optimal treatment of serious scar tissue, bleeding is highly desirable to bring growth factors and nutrients into the "open" skin. Devices that do not cause at least pinpoint bleeding at the deeper depths on at least thinner skin have an insufficiently weak motor. The slim "pen"-type devices are based on Chinese permanent makeup machines.

  • Reduced healing time

  • Easier psychologically (the machine needles the skin vs. you doing it)
  • Very powerful motor. The device really penetrates the depth it is set to, which is usually not the case with similar devices because those devices are based on existing permanent-makeup hardware.

  • Digitally set needling depth. Very convenient! Changing needling depth is done by pushing a button on the console, not swapping adapter rings or twisting something on the hand unit. No need to interrupt treatment to adjust needling depth.

  • Timer wizard which calculates, based on the skin area that you specify and the current needling speed, how long you should needle to achieve optimum prick density. The device counts down and turns itself off when that time has passed.

  • Single needle cartridge available. Single-needling can target problem areas quickly and intensively, without needlessly needling surrounding skin.

International use

The machine works on all internationally used mains voltages. A cheap and simple solution to be able to use any-plug Derminator anywhere in the world is to buy a universal worldwide travel adapter. Amazon sells those for around $7. You can find them by searching for "universal worldwide travel adapter plug converter". They look like this:

An even simpler and cheaper solution if you only need compatibility to one additional socket type is to buy a Derminator with the plug you most often need and an adapter that fits into the foreign socket and presents the socket your Derminator needs. Such adapters cost around $4 and look like this:

The machine is primarily intended for the home user
but also these practitioners use the Derminator® 2:

Returns for this product, even when unused, are never accepted to protect our customers. In case of a faulty device we'll ship a replacement without the need for a return. Please read our dermaneedling instructions fully, then read the Derminator instructions fully, then do test patches first. Only when you understand all material covered will you have become qualified to use the machine. This is a pro-level machine, by far the most powerful machine made today and not a feeble Chinese permanent-makeup type device. By purchasing this machine, you acknowledge that you fully understand how to use it and that you take full responsibility for the outcome of the medical treatment administered with the device. You agree that asking a refund for whatever reason is a violation of our T&C.

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