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Derminator® 2 needle cartridge (12 needles)

Derminator® 2 digital dermaneedling cartridge (12 needles). Needle diameter 0.15 mm. (38 SWG, 34½ AWG). Gamma-sterilized. The needles are made of surgical steel and do not contain nickel.

The only difference with the 9-needle cartridge is that it treats the skin 33% faster but hurts perhaps a bit more.

Do not push the plunger too deep/forcefully down with your finger. This will push the silicone spring over a protrusion and makes the cartridge unusable.

Bajonet fitting. Align the slots in the cartridge with the protrusions on the tip of the hand unit, push the cartridge on and while pushing, rotate the cartridge right a quarter turn until you start to feel resistance, then stop turning at the point of maximum resistance.

Cartridge lifetime depends on needling frequency, treatment duration, number of treatments and skin thickness. When treatment starts to be more painful or the machine starts to have trouble reaching the set depth, the needles have become blunt and it is time to replace the cartridge.

Cartridges should ideally NOT be reused but can be reused on only the SAME patient after disinfection with Isopropanol or Chloramine-T according to our instructions. Do not use Dettol - it contains Chloroxylenol, which can dislodge the needles. Disinfection procedure:

Disinfection procedure: Page 11 in the user manual: https://derminator.com/Derminator2-instructions.pdf

The needles in this cartridge are of perfect quality. We encourage our customers to look at the tips through a strong magnifying glass and compare them to the needle tips of other brands. This is the only cartridge that works properly with the Derminator® 2. Any other cartridges, including those for the Original Derminator®, will not fit and even if they fit, their needling depth will be incorrect.