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Supported destinations

We ship worldwide, except to countries with an in our long experience unreliable postal service, disproportionally high fraud or libel percentage or excessively high support burden or other disproportionate risks or unpleasant issues or -behavior. If a country is not in the list of supported destinations when you check out, we do not ship to that country and we do not make exceptions. We cancel and refund orders that appear to use a mail forwarding service as the shipping address.


Customs fees

Our shipments incur customs fees to Norway and Brazil and perhaps some other non-EU countries, and they do incur VAT, charged by Customs in non-EU countries that have VAT, such as Canada. Please note that customs fees, customs duties and import tax are not the same as VAT. Since we ship from Europe, European customers do not deal with customs at all, and we charge the EU-VAT. Customs delays occur sometimes in case white powders are ordered, such as vit. C, Chloramine-T or Pythium oligandrum. The customer agrees to pay custom fees and VAT, when applicable.


Customs confiscations

Customs confiscations are extremely rare because our store does not allow prohibited items to be shipped those countries. In case of confiscation, we will refund.


Shipping time

It is impossible to say how long a shipment will be in transit for the dozens of countries we ship to. The US sometimes has enormously long (up to three months) transit breakdown delays in the cold months of the year, for example. While misrepresenting the tracking status as "Origin Post Preparing Shipment". Always count on at least two weeks. Three weeks is a good rule of thumb, longer when there are public holidays in between or there are severe weather conditions or strikes in your country. How long your customs inspection and postal service needs to process and deliver the shipment depends on many factors that are constantly varying. US customers can only get a refund for lost shipments after three months have passed, due to the yearly USPS delays that USPS always falsely blames on the sending party. Most other customers need to wait six weeks, because that is the limit where the postal services will do an inquiry. Canadian Customs can cause three-month delays and Australia Post can need two months to deliver a package. However at our discretion, when we think the package should have arrived already, based on current customer feedback from those countries, we refund sooner, usually around the 6-weeks mark.

Shipping method

We use priority international airmail for all shipments, and some shipments are sent REGISTERED, which does not necessarily means it is trackable but only means we can prove shipment as well as delivery. We ship from two locations in the Czech Republic. We do not offer any other type of shipping method than itl. priority airmail and our store decideds automatically whether it's sent registered or not and whether you are charged for that or not.

Delivery is always guaranteed, if you follow our rules

We guarantee that you will receive your order, whether we sent it tracked or not. The only exceptions are when the address specified is not 100% complete and 100% correct (even omitting the space between "apt" and the number is an example of an incorrect address because our store would send it registered if the space were there!) , or when you shipped to a 3rd party such as the reception desk of a company. In case of a missing order, we may require you to wait from 6 to 12 weeks before we refund, and we reserve the right not to ship to that address anymore. US customers will have to wait for 12 weeks before we can refund, due to possible extreme USPS delays of up to 12 weeks. USPS will lie about the tracking status and claim the shipment is still in the originating country with the erroneous status "Origin post is preparing shipment". All our customers explicitly agree never to file payment disputes and fully abide by and agree with our entire T&C.

Cost of shipping and our tracked shipments policy

We have free shipping to most addresses in most countries.

We charge a small fee for registered postage in case our store considers the delivery address an above-average risk for disappearing mail, based on nearly a decade of occasional bad experiences with shipping to P.O. boxes, apartments, countries with an unreliable postal service and/or too many fraudulent customers etc. When we noticed an above-average disappearance of shipments to certain address types (often because a third party has access to the mail) or countries, we started to send shipment to these types of addresses always registered.


Many countries offer online tracking for registered mail. You can check the tracking status here: http://globaltracktrace.ptc.post/gtt.web/ or here: http://www.track-trace.com/post. (Check the originating country (Czech Republic) first, to verify that it has been shipped). US customers can track here: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input, but please note that USPS routinely and deliberately misreperesents "not scanned yet in NYC" as "Origin post is preparing shipment". The postal services of Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia refuse to provide tracking. Purchases of the equivalent of $100,- and above are always sent tracked.

When sent tracked, the tracking number(s) of (parts of) your order will be emailed in one or more emails some days after "Ready to ship / We shipped" confirmation email.

We will notify you of the registration/tracking number within five working days. Unless that period has passed and you have not received the registration/tracking number, please do not ask us to provide it because we won't be able to. The reason that it takes time to inform you of the tracking number is that our dispatching procedure works as follows:

- We deliver the shipments of the day to the post office,
- The post office processes them the next working day,
- We receive from the post office the tracking numbers the day after that,
- We manually enter the tracking numbers one working day after that, or a day later in busy times, holiday period etc.

Orders are usually shipped on the next working day. Untracked packages are guaranteed to be delivered or you will receive a full refund. The postal systems of Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand refuse to track itl. registered mail, and our customers accept this as part of our terms and conditions. You can call Australia Post on 131318 to obtain tracking info. US customers can use USPS' site for tracking but be advised that USPS, in the cold months of the year but also when there are public holidays in between, deliberately delays delivery of our shipments and falsely claims "Origin Post Preparing Shipment", which simply means that USPS hasn't yet scanned the package for import.

We always send you an order confirmation email as soon as your order was received or your payment cleared and we always send a dispatch confirmation email when we have mailed your order. If you do not receive the order confirmation email within a short time after ordering and the dispatch confirmation within at most two business days, contact our dispatch coordinator via  our support ticket system.

Returned packages & refunds

All our sales are final and after we've already shipped, we NEVER refund for reason of the customer having changed their mind, also not when they offer to send the item back at their expense. Merely the act of demanding this is considered by us to be extortion (with the implicit threat of a chargeback, which is credit card fraud and thus an offense) and we publicly blacklist people who commit extortion so no NOT ask for this!

The buyer is responsible for picking up a tracked shipment, but we will refund when shipments return as undelivered, minus our cost of shipping. When the buyer made a mistake in the address or when the mail service does not inform the customer of the shipment, we are not obliged to refund when we can prove we sent a tracked shipment to the address as supplied to us. We always inform the customer of the tracking number and tracking URL. However we do refund when we receive such merchandise back in good order, but minus our cost of shipping. Likewise, if the buyer returns the package, refuses it or does not pick it up, we will not refund our cost of shipping. When a package returns to us at no fault of the addressee, at our discretion we may, if the customer requests it, instead of issuing a refund, re-ship the package when the customer pays us the cost of reshipping.